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Your most common questions answered.


How do I submit my completed Written Proficiency Sample?

 You will be emailed each week with a topic and a submission link. Follow the instructions that will be sent along with the question. 

How soon will I get feedback for my submission?

 Feedback will be received in 3 days or less after submission. 

Can I purchase multiple courses at the same time?

 Yes, you can purchase a single course or several repeats of the course.  There is no fee commitment so do as you are comfortable.

How do I register and join a class?

 Register to become a English High Score member. Purchase credits as you like. Select class you want to attend and click on the register or book now button to reserve your spot. Details of the class including the meeting room will be sent to your email inbox. From there, click the link to join the class at the start time.

It's my first time. How can I know which level class to join?

 Our course is designed for Intermediate students and above. You can join our classes if you are below this level but you might need some foundation work as you go along. You can use this level reveal test or feel free to test your level at any other external site and then join the appropriate class here. 

Do I need to download a software to join a class and do I need special equipment?

 Our classes are held via Zoom web conferencing so you won't need to download anything. However, some students report better quality when they download the Zoom software.  You will receive an email with the link to the class. Click on the link in your email and join at the start of the class. You will need a good internet connection. Cable is usually better than WIFI and please wear a headset and be in a quiet place. 

We welcome all your questions and suggestions.


How many participants are in a group conversation class?

Classes typically have 6 participants or less 

Can I cancel a class after I have registered or booked a session?

 If you really need to cancel a session, simply log in to your account, find the session you reserved and click cancel or delete. You must do this no later than 24 hours before the session or you will forfeit your lesson.

How many days in advance can I book a spot for a class?

 You can book a class up to 10 minutes after it has started. 

Do you guarantee that I will get a great score.

Our programme and methodology has helped all out students to improve their skills. Most of them have improves their scores. If you follow our programme, advice and guidelines and attend all your classes, and complete assignments, you should see your scores improve. Self-study is also essential to your success so you must put in some work on your own too. 

Can I take private lessons?

Our course is designed as a group lesson programme. However, if you feel you need 1-on-1 attention, just let us know and then you can book a lesson with one of our great teachers at an additional cost.

I have a question that was not answered here. What should I do?

 Send us an email at [email protected] or send us a message using our contact us form.

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