English High Score

Your most common questions answered.

How do I submit my completed Oral or Written Proficiency Assessment?

 Purchase credits then click on the Oral or Written Proficiency Assessment link. Select the date and time that you wish to take the test. Your test will be sent via email on that day. Once you've received the test in your email, click the link and click on "start test", record or write your answer and hit submit when you're done. If you prefer to use your own questions, tell us when you are booking and we will send you our upload form so you can record or type and send back to us for feedback. 

How soon will I get feedback for my submission?

 Feedback will be received in 24 hours or less after submission. 

Can I purchase multiple assessments at the same time?

 You can use your credits however you want so if you want to do multiple assessments, go right ahead. 

How do I register and join a class?

 Register to become a English High Score member. Purchase credits as you like. Select the type of class you want to attend and click on the register or book now button to reserve your spot. Details of the class including the meeting room will be sent to your email inbox. From there, click the link to join the class at the start time.

It's my first time. How can I know which level class to join?

 You can use this level reveal test or feel free to test your level at any other external site and then join the appropriate class here. 

Do I need to download a software to join a class and do I need special equipment?

 Our classes are held via Zoom web conferencing so you won't need to download anything. However, some students report better quality when they download the Zoom software.  You will receive an email with the link to the class. Click on the link in your email and join at the start of the class. You will need a good internet connection. Cable is usually better than WIFI and please wear a headset and be in a quiet place. 

We welcome all your questions and suggestions.

How many participants are in a group conversation class?

 Group conversation - typically 6 participants or less 

Can I cancel a class or coaching session after I have registered or booked a session?

 If you really need to cancel a session, simply log in to your account, find the session you reserved and click cancel or delete. You must do this no later than 24 hours before the session for 1-1 coaching sessions and at least 5 minutes before the class for group sessions. 

How many days in advance can I book a presentation practice session?

 A minimum of 36 hours' notice is required for presentation practice sessions. When booking, please give as much details as possible so we can assign the most suitable moderator and audience members. 

I want to be a presentation practice audience member. Is that possible?

 Yes you can. Just send us an email with the subject "Presentation Member" and let us know that you are interested. Tell us a little bit a about yourself such as your profession, English language proficiency level, where you are from and the days and times that you are generally available. When a presentation practice session is booked, we will contact you. 

Do you assist with job placements and employment?

 We will make sure that you are ready for your next English speaking job or interview, but unfortunately, we don't offer job placement services at this time. However, from time to time, if we do hear of great companies that are hiring we might post an ad on our site. 

I have a question that was not answered here. What should I do?

 Send us an email at [email protected] or send us a message using our contact us form.