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We specialize in General Conversation, IELTS and TOEFL, and Business English

What Students Are Saying

Juan Pablo - Bolivia

Oka Yunior - Indonesia

Oka Yunior - Indonesia

Great teacher. She gave me a lot of time to speak, that is very important for me in order to practice my speaking skills. She also helped me with all the grammar and vocabulary mistakes I had while speaking. 

Oka Yunior - Indonesia

Oka Yunior - Indonesia

Oka Yunior - Indonesia

Amoy is my teacher online and she is the greatest English teacher online for me. Because I feel more comfortable in her class, I do not have to be shy or scare to be wrong for answering her question. She made it more enjoyable to learn English.  She builds happiness for everyone in the class with her conversation.
Thank you Amoy and also Thank you so much English High Score.

I feel so stupid, why I just know English High Score recently.

You guys awesome.

Gilvan - Brazil

Oka Yunior - Indonesia

Gilvan - Brazil

The teacher let us talk  to each other then we improve our English skills. Great teacher and smarts classmates.  Her skills in session management are excellent, high training skill and she likes what she does. 

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