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Group Conversation Class

Group conversation class


This is a great way to practice and improve your speaking and conversational skills. There's a different topic each time, you get to speak with other language learners like yourself and best of all, there's a teacher present to guide and assist you. 

No credits (free with any package)

Reading Comprehension Class

Reading comprehension class


Never underestimate the power of reading in language learning. Reading helps to build necessary  comprehension skills, it's a great way to build vocabulary, learn proper pronunciation and visually recognize sentence structures. 

only 2 credits

Grammar Review Class

Grammar Review Class


Our experienced and well-trained teachers will explain all those complicated grammar rules with real examples in an easy and fun way that will ensure you understand quickly and are able to immediately apply the rules to your own speaking. 
only 2 credits 

1-to-1 Tutoring Session

1-to-1 Tutoring Session


Maybe you want some extra help in an environment where you are the only student that the teacher has to pay attention to. Here you can be specific about the help you need and our teachers will tailor each session to help you meet that need and your specific English goals. These sessions are great for interviews and crunch time exam practice. Of course, they are great for general conversation practice too. 

only 10 credits per 30-minute class

Oral & Written Proficiency Test

Oral & Written Proficiency Test


This is a great way to test the skills you've already developed. Simply record your oral responses or write your answers to the questions and submit them to us. You can use our questions and audio prompts or use your own. In 24 hours or less, you'll get real feedback and recommendations for improvement from a native English speaker and trained teacher.

only 6 credits


Presentation Practice

Presentation Practice


Do you have a presentation coming up soon? Why not try it out here before you actually do it? Test runs are a great way to gauge your delivery and content and to get feedback and practice before the big day. We can provide a live audience of up to 10 attendees. Get feedback and answer questions from the audience just as you would on your big day.

only 30 credits 

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